About Sawtooth Rifles

Professional, sporting, and match riflemen seek innovative products to shoot accurately at long distances and under extreme conditions. Precision rifle shooters need to put round after round in the same spot. They must have the right fundamentals, ammunition that can perform at a high level, equipment that ensures consistency in varied and extreme conditions, and a quality precision rifle capable of meeting all these demands.

Finding the right custom rifle builder can be frustrating. Shooters want a rifle builder who is responsive to their needs, can provide expert advice on the rifle and all that goes into the perfect shot, and who delivers on time and on budget.


Our core mission at Sawtooth Rifles is to provide:

Open, direct communication between customer and rifle builder
Honest lead times
Fair prices
Constructive advice on rifle design and component selection based on real-world experience in professional, hunting, and match shooting Exceptional customer experiences
Innovative product development
Comprehensive training experiences
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