Labor Rates

Rifle Build Labor Rates

?Build Fee
$100 applied to all projects involving chambering barrels
covers administrative costs, consultation time, parts sourcing, minor fit/finish work common on builds to get parts compatible with each other, rifle assembly, and testing

Receiver Work
$200 - Blueprint Remington 700 and Seven Actions - truing of receiver face lugs to bolt axis, bore and single point cut of threads to 1.080 -16 thread size, open recoil lug to matching thread size, pin lugs to receiver when appropriate, lap bolt to receiver
$75 - Blueprint Savage Actions - truing of face to bolt axis, truing of receiver lugs if need or galled (factory thread size is retained for continued use of standard barrels)

Bolt Work
$100 Weld on threaded stud (included) for bolt knob, blend to factory handle
Varies - Bush and recondition firing pin, change cartridge size, install sako or m16 style extractor (outsourced)

Barrel fitting, Chamber cutting, and Fluting
$290 - .308 sized cartridges and smaller (short action)
$315 - .30-06 sized cartridges and larger (long action)
$60 - claw extractor cut
Varies - Fluting (outsourced)

Muzzle Work
$75- Recessed target crown
$135 - Recessed target crown and threaded muzzle
$45 - Clock and/or profile brake to barrel

Stock Work
$220 - Epoxy and Pillar bedding of receiver to wood or fiberglass stock
$155 - Epoxy skim bedding of receiver to aluminum bedding blocks or chassis stocks
Hourly - Inlet adjustments to stock, including barrel channel
$125 - Fiberglass and Resin fill in of barrel channel to match barrel profile
$40 - Install Picatinny forend rail for bipod mounting (part not included)
$30 ea- Install flush cup style sling attachment sockets in fiberglass or wood stocks (parts included)

Finishing Work
$75 - Bead Blast Stainless barrels
$95 - Polish Stainless barrels
$220 - Single color Cerakote finish on barreled action and metallic rifle parts
Varies - advanced coating techniques quoted upon request

Miscellaneous Offerings
$115 - custom fit hard case foam cutting with hot-wire machine
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