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Modular Bag Rider, from Dependabilt

Updates/notes (6/17/22):

Production note:  The first batch of these parts yielded a small quantity, limited by material that was on hand. 

Unfortunatly, many of the picatinny clamp blocks ended up with a very minor anodizing blemish apparently from the hanger used in the process.  While these marks are only cosmetic, the price has been reduced and these bag riders are categorized as blemished. 

More bag riders will be on the production schedule soon.

The Modular Bag Rider is a user-configurable, rear bag rider that attaches to the Picatinny section available on various rifle buttstocks.  The bag rider provides a stable, yet smooth surface to support the rear of the rifle upon various shooting bags and tripod legs.

The first offering of the Modular Bag Rider is a 5" long bag rider in two designs with a horizontal Picatinny mount. 

Add-ons to the standard bag rider setup are riser blocks and palm grips.  These add-ons are sold separately.  The riser block adds 1/2" in height and can be stacked for additional height.  The palm grip offers an ergonomic enhancement to the system.

All fasteners in the system are 1/4"-20tpi button head cap screws.  These can accept either a 5/32" or 4mm hex key.

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