Description of Components

Orange Vise Company Swivel Base and Bench Vise Pull Studs

These parts are made by Orange Vise Company and are the base plate and mounting interface for their popular Bench Vise.

For satisfactory function of the Bench Vise and reloading equipment, mount this plate within 1/2" of the front edge of your work bench.

Dependabilt Sub-Base

This optional mounting plate goes below the Orange Vise Company swivel plate.  Slotted mounting holes allow flexibility in where the bolts go through your bench while allowing proper placement of the swivel plate for functionality of reloading equipment and even the bench vise.  Without the Dependabilt Sub-base, mounting the swivel base on our bench would have required drilling the rear holes right through the side wall of a steel tube in the supporting frame of our bench.  The Dependabilt Sub-base overcomes the drawbacks of the fixed hole locations of the Orange Vise Company swivel plate.

Dependabilt Specific Fit Mounting Plates

Area 419 Zero Turret Press

Henderson Precision  Trimmer

This mounting plate can be mounted directly to the work bench and used without the swivel base.  Our base plate also incorprotes a hanger for an Akro bin to catch brass dropping out of the trimmer.  A pocket cutout under the cutter helps catch brass shavings.

Forster Co-Ax

Prazzi Press - Coming soon!

Dependabilt Multi-fit Slotted Press Plates

These plates use slots and sliding nuts that allow mounting devices that will fit with the slot width and sliding window.


3.75" slot width, 3/8-16 bolts variant is compatible with:
RCBS Rock Chucker
RCBS Summit
Hornady Lock n Load Classic and Progressive


3.25" slot width, 5/16-18 bolts variant is compatible with:
Redding BOSS
Redding T-7 Turret


4" Slot Width, 1/4-20 bolts variant is compatible with:
Dillon 550
Dillon 750

What else? 

Do  we have plans to make others???

Prazzi Press - pending anodizing, releasing soon

Blank - pending anodizing, releasing soon - drill and tap your own holes for vises and other presses.  Maybe we can even do that for you...

User Requests - suggestions entertained, send an email.

And we also have loading blocks!

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