Dependabilt Bench Organizer Block - Henderson Trimmer



These Bench Organizer Blocks organizes the collets, cutting heads, length bolts, and wrenches for the Henderson brass trimmer (Gen 2 and Gen 3).
BOBH       Holds wrenches, 4 collets, 5 cutters, and 8 length bolts
BOBHCC  Holds wrenches, 4 collets, and 10 cutters
BOBHLB  Holds wrenches and 40 length bolts
Be sure to check out the wrenches and other accessories for the Henderson trimmer, including the  Henderson mount for our Modular Bench Mount System (which is also a stand alone mount for the trimmer that helps catch brass shavings while holding a trimmed brass catch tray).

Material:  6061 T6 Aluminum
Finish:  Anodized Black, Type II Glossy
Basic Dimensions:  5" square, 1.050" thick

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