Dependabilt Modular Bag Rider 1/2" Riser



Dependabilt Modular Bag Rider 1/2" Riser

This spacer adds 1/2" of elevation dimension with the Modual Bag Rider.  It goes between the picatinny clamp section and the bag rider bottom.  Longer screws are supplied for use when installing the spacer.

These spacers may be stack to gain even more height.  Additional length bolts will be required, we can assist with these.    Bolt length = (qty of risers x .5") + 1".  Bolts are Button Head Cap Screws, 1/4"-20tpi


1/2" Tall Riser Block (Hard Anodized Aluminum)

Two mounting bolts - 1/4"-20 x 1.5" BHCS

Weight:  Adds 2oz to the system.

Not Included/Available separately:

Modular Bag Rider

Palm Grip

Additional information


MBR-1/2" Riser


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