Dependabilt Modular Bench Mount: Multi-Fit Options



Dependabilt Modular Bench Mount Multi-fit Options

Optimize your bench space and work flow with the Modular Bench Mount system from Dependabilt.  Equip many single stage and progressevie reloading presses with these mount options for the Modular Bench Mount system.

Add an additional pull stud to these mounts for the quickest of change overs, or simply move a pull stud from another device (takes seconds).

Multi-fit options


Bolt Size: 3/8"

Slot Width:  3.75"

Bolt Set Back From Face: .875" to 3.475"

Included Hardware:  Two 3/8-16 x 1.5" BHCS, Flat Washers, Square Nuts

Confirmed fit:

RCBS - Rock Chucker  II, Rock Chucker IV, Summit

Hornady - LnL Classic, LnL Progressive


Bolt Size: 5/16"

Slot Width:  3.25"

Bolt Set Back From Face: .62" to 3.65"

Included Hardware:  Four 5/16-18 x 1.5" BHCS, Flat Washers, Square Nuts

Confirmed fit:

Redding - BOSS, T7 Turret


Bolt Size: 1/4"

Slot Width:  4"

Bolt Set Back From Face: .45" to 4"

Included Hardware:  Four 1/4-20 BHCS, Flat Washers, Square Nuts

Confirmed fit:

Dillon - 550, 750


Included with each variant:

1/2"x3/4" Dowel pin to prevent rotation between the mounting plate and the swivel base.

Note on Dillon options and included hardware:

Dillon 550 Option includes two different length bolts, and an accessory plate to support the Akro bin bracket


Not Included/Available separately:

Swivel Base


Additional Pull Stud

Additional information


MBMS1, MBMS2, MBMS3 w/550 Hardware and bracket, MBMS3 w/750 Hardware


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