Dependabilt SideTrak LightWeights: AI Keyslot (AT-X)



Includes two Lightweights and Keyslot hardware.

SideTrak™ Lightweights allow you to add the feel and features of the SideTrak system to the forend without as much weight as the steel SideTrak weights.  The Lightweights incorporate the same T-Slot track that allows attachment of our SideTrak™ accessories.  The Lightweights can also be stacked using SideTrak™ stack kits.

The Lightweights are anodized, without tumbling and bead blasting in an attempt to match the appearance of the Black Nitrided steel weights.

Keyslot Fasteners and are included.


Overall Length: 80mm spans 4 keyslot spacings, 120mm spans 6 keyslot spacings


80mm - 2.7 oz each, .325 lb per set

120mm - 4.1 oz each, .513 lb per set

Material: 6061 Aluminum

Finish: Black Hard Anodize Type 3

Color: Semi Gloss Black

Additional information


LightWeight 80mm Keyslot AT-X, LightWeight 120mm Keyslot AT-X


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