R-Lock/Arca Dovetail Plate: Accuracy International AX Low Profile



Anodizing Blems of the original (Pre R-Lock) design are available at a discounted price.  These came out grey but are hard anodized.  The color is much like Cerakote sniper grey if you are familiar.


This dovetail pate attaches to the chassis of the Accuracy International AX, AXMC, and AX AICS chassis.  This plate uses the standard RRS 1.5" dovetail interface, (aka "Arca-Swiss").

The pate is attached with supplied fasteners and retains access to the forend attachment screws on Post-14 models (pre-14 model requires removing the dovetail plate to access the forend mounting screws.

These plates are a low profile design and offers a tripod mounting point just in front of the magazine.  It can be used in combination with our full length AX dovetail rails.

Fasteners are included.


Overall Length: 5.42 or 5.34"

Weight: 4.9 oz; with fasteners

Material: 6061T6 Aluminum

Finish: Type 3 Hardcoat Anodize

Color: Matte Black

Below are pre-finishing pictures to show mounting detail while we had a couple host chassis in the shop.  Production plates are black hard anodized and now include the R-Lock feature.

Additional information

Weight .8 oz
Dimensions 13.75 × 1.5 × .3 in

R542 R-Lock, R534 Pre-14 R-Lock, 542 Grey Anodize Blem


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