R-Lock/Arca Dovetail Rail: Accuracy International AT



These forend accessory rails attaches to the factory forend of the Accuracy International AT Rifles and Chassis with 7 keyslots on the bottom of the forend.

Differences in these options:

R1090 AT - 10.9" Long, ---- thick, ----- oz.  Our original design for the AT.  Thin profile, leaving a lower bore height over the arca plane.  This rail cantilevers about 1.5" past the forend, and extends rearward nearly to the sloped section of the forend.  The spigot latch is still accessible and this rail can be used with NV mounts with bottom accessories removed.

R1275 AT - 12.75" Long, ---- thick, ------ oz.  A thicker design than the 1090 allows extending the arca rail further from the keyslot attachment points without having flex.  The thicker design also allows the arca rail to get closer to the magazine well and balance point on most rifles.  This rail extends about 2.5" past the forend.  The spigot latch is not accessible but this rail can be used with NV mounts with bottom accessories removed.

R970 AT - 9.7" long, .----" thick, ------ oz.   This rail is a shortened version of the R1275 AT.  The R970 AT rail stops flush at the end of the forend to allow use of spigot mounted bipods or bipods mounted under NV mounts.  The spigot latch is accessible through an opening in the arca rail.

These rails fit the standard 1.5" RRS Dovetail standard and include the RRS-Lock compaitbility.

Keyslot fasteners are included, as well as end stop screws.

Other Specifications:

Material: 6061T6 Aluminum

Finish: Type 3 Hardcoat Anodize

Color: Matte Black

Additional information

Weight .8 oz
Dimensions 13.75 × 1.5 × .3 in

R970 AT, R1090 AT, R1275 AT


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