Dovetail Rail: Q-Sert R-Lock



These forend accessory dovetail rails attach to Q-Sert configured forends.  These dovetail rails incorporate the R-Lock interface and comply with RRS dovetail dimensions and work with Area-Swiss style clamps.


The 3.78" length option for Q-sert is designed to fit on the rear of the forend on The Fix and SideChick as a tripod mounting plate.  The 6.47" Length is a mid length rail that will span 3 Q-sert slots, yielding more dovetail length but still allowing a picatinny rail in front for a bipod mount.   The 12.38" Rail is a full length rail for the Fix forend.


End stop screws and mounting fasteners and are included.


Part #/Overall Length/Weight:

378 Q-Sert   3.78"   2.3oz

647 Q-Sert  6.47"  3.4oz

1238 Q-Sert. 12.38"  6.3oz

Material: 6061T6 Aluminum

Finish: Type 3 Hardcoat Clear Anodize

Color: Grey

Below are pictures of unfinished, pre R-Lock dovetail rails mounted on a Q The Fix forend.  For reference to show fit and size on a forend.  Current product are pictured above and hard anodized.

Additional information


378 Q-Sert R-Lock Tripod Plate, 647 Q-Sert R-Lock Tripod Plate, 1238 Q-Sert R-Lock Full Length Rail


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