Orange Vise Co Bench Vise Swivel Base


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Orange Vise Company - Bench Vise Swivel Base

Add this swivel base to your bench to allow an additional mounting location for our Dependabilt Modular Bench Mounts or the Orange Vise Company Bench Vise.

Kit includes

Orange Vise Company Bench Vise Swivel Base w/ Clamping Screws




Combine this base with the Dependabilt Sub-Base to allow flexibility in where the mounting bolts go through your workbench.


Optional Add On Bench Mounting Hardware Package (hardware to secure this base to your bench):

Package Includes four 3/8" Socket Head Cap Screws, flat washers, and hex nuts.  Measure your bench thickness and select by bolt length using the following recommendation.

Min Bolt Length = Bench Thickness + 1.5"


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