R-Lock/Arca Dovetail Rail: Sako TRG M10




R-Lock/Arca rails for the Sako TRG M10 forends allow direct tripod mounting as well as bipod and other accessory mounting via R-Lock or Arca compatible clamps.  These rails replace the bottom Picatinny section on Sako TRG M10 forends.   New hardware is included.


R675 S - 6.75" long, fits forward of the plastic grip section on the short forend.

R1133 S - 11.33" long, fits forward of the plastic grip section of the long (standard) forend

R1458 S - 14.58" long, fits the full length of the long (standard) forend (removal of the plastic grip section is necessary)

Below images show pre anodized part fitment on the Sako forends.  Production parts are black hardcoat anodized.

Additional information


R675 S, R1133 S, R1458 S, R 675 S (Blem), R1133 S (Blem), R1458 S (Blem)


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