Sawket Stock Inserts



Sawket Stock Inserts can be inletted into the forend of a rifle stock to allow attaching accessories with M-Lok geometry.

The sawket rails are strong in design as they do not have the typical m-lok pocket opening cut outs.  They also expose much less of the stock material as an undesirable visual aspect.

The inlet geometry is simple, but best left to a machinist or gunsmith with a milling machine.  A 5/8" wide slot is milled into the forend, .300" deep, then through holes are drilled for the mounting screws with adjacent pockets for t-nuts sunk into the barrel channel.  These inserts have been installed on wood and fiberglass/carbon type stocks.  In some stocks, the mounting screws can be tapped into aluminum molded into the stocks which is very secure.

More information and inlet geometry available here

Popular attachments:

R-Lock/Arca Swiss Dovetail rails - our Low Profile rails for SAWKET

or our universal fit M-Lok Arca rails

or M-Lok Picatinny Rails

They are currently offered in three lengths.

SAWKET11 - 11 pockets, equivelent to 5.5 M-Lok slots, 8.75" long

SAWKET8 - 8 pockets, equivelent to 4 M-Lok slots, 6.375" long

SAWKET5 - 5 pockets, equivelent to 2.5 M-Lok slots, 4" long


Weight:  __oz; with fasteners

Material: 6061T6 Aluminum

Finish: Type 3 Hardcoat Anodize

Color: Matte Black

Additional information

Weight .8 oz
Dimensions 14.25 × 1.5 × .3 in



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