Dependabilt SideBite for SideTrak


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SideBide is a side grip and barricade stop for the SideTrak™ system.  The SideBite can be attached to the SideTrak weights to give you infinite positioning for a grip or barricade stop.  With one on each side, they can act as stabilizers on top of a shooting support bag.

The SideBite's clamping screw and T nut are designed with a interference fit, and preassembled with a high strength thread locker.  This joint is not intended to be taken apart.


SideBite and knob -

6061T6 Aluminum

Hard Anodized Type 3 Clear (grey finish)


Material: 303 Stainless

Thread:  1/4-28


Material:  Alloy Steel Socket Head Screw

Size: 1/4-28 x 1.25

Finish: Black Oxide


Note:  Pre-anodized parts shown below.  Production SideBites are Hard Anodized in Clear and end up Grey in color.

1 review for Dependabilt SideBite for SideTrak

  1. Ean Vargas

    This has been solid for shooting off a bag on something like a PRS skills stage, and as a grip point for control when moving the rifle from position to position. The front side definitely lives up to the name and "Bites" into barricades (especially wood) if you're looking to press forward and minimize wobble zone. Alternatively, I've flipped it around and used the serrated side on the front side of barricades as well. Which transfers all the recoil into the barricade. Generally I use it in that way for an L shaped barricade, where I'm not able to press the rifle in to side, into the vertical section (being a right handed shooter). It makes a super stable position, helps me to see every shot on target and allows for fast follow up shots. Should you have 2 of them, you can also use them as a built in "gamer plate" and really widen the contact surface area between the bag and the chassis.

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