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Military/LE/Gov Sales

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Military, Veteran, LE, FR Individual Discounts?

Please email or text for current discount code for Dependabilt part purchases prior to checking out.

For rifle builds, we can offer a discount on the labor portion of your build.

We appreciate you and put the Dependa in Dependabilt!

Shipping Status for orders from the Gear Store

We know the the excitement of new parts in the mail and want to deliver your order as expediently as possible! Same day shipping is our goal.  Sometimes we are away from the shop running errands or testing rifles at the range and will need to ship your order the following day.  On occasion, we are hosting a training class, shooting a match, or on a hunt and an extended shipping delay is necessary. When that is the case, we try to make it up to you with a free shipping code and will give advanced notice on this site.

Backordered Parts from the Dependabilt line

If our Dependabilt parts are on a back-ordered status, usually they have been machined and are off for the finishing processes we outsource.  Anodizing has been a major bottleneck in 2022 and is often taking 2-3 months.  While we try to stay ahead of demand, waves in sales sometimes have caught us behind and waiting on anodizing.  When we get the call to pick up parts, we can usually get the last steps done and fullfill backorders within a day.  We appreciate you patience.
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