SideTrak Headquarters: rifle weights and accessories from Dependabilt

SideTrakā„¢ is a modular system that allows you to add weight to the forend  without sacrificing the ability to add other accessories. The SideTrak weights combine in length to form a continuous track along the side of your forend. Mount accessories with infinite positioning and repositioning on the fly and even stack weights upon weights. Stay tuned for more SideTrak accessories as they become available.

  • grip and ergonomics

  • stability and balance

  • Weight and accessories

  • Stackable

SideTrak weights and accessories - shop now!

Weight Theory

Why add weight to a rifle?  Physics.  Adding weight to the rifle reduces recoil.

The benefits of reduced recoil are:
  • Ability to see bullet trace and impacts through the rifle scope, key to success in Precision Rifle Shooting competitions.
  • Enhance training sessions with light weight hunting rifles. Focus on the shooting not the pain. Remove the weights to hunt.
  • Increase enjoyment in recreational shooting.
  • Reduce fear of recoil for novice and youth shooters.

Weight Stacking

SideTrak weights are stackable. Stack as many as you want.

Our unique design allows you to add even more weight to increase stability and reduce recoil in large cartridge rifles. Stack as many weights as you want in situations of low dynamic rifle handling. The perfect example is an Extreme Long Range match that is shot entirely prone. Maximize weight with the SideTrak stackable weight system.


SideBite - Available Now!

Note:  Pre-anodizing parts shown below.  The SideBite is hard coat clear anodized as shown above.

There is more, stay tuned!

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