Private training and clinics

Don't just shoot.  Shoot with Conviction.


Elite training with Scott Satterlee, top competitive precision rife shooter and Special Forces Veteran


Learn to use your equipment effectively, build solid positions, and the science of ballistics to gain capabilities on your next hunt.


Spectacular training venues challenge and build your shooting skills by day and provide relaxing accommodations off the range.

2021 and likely beyond

The challenges we faced in 2020 pointed us to private and small class clinics with Scott Satterlee as the solution to our customers' training need.  For 2021 and the immediate future we will be referring training requests to Scott.  Scott is available for private training and small clinics at Rock Lake Rifle Range in Washington, or possibly a venue near you.  Please contact Scott directly with training requests using the form below.  To be clear, training with Scott is no longer a venture of Sawtooth Rifles. 

When reaching out, please detail your training goals and potential available dates.

    Scott Satterlee

    Lead Instructor
    Scott brings the combination of success as a Precision Rifle competitor and his career in the US Army Special Forces to the curriculum of our Precision Hunters Clinics.  He's spent his lifetime learning how to shoot and training others to shoot.  Now Scott imparts his knowledge to you.

    Content from previous Sawtooth Rifles Precision Hunters Clinics

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