Product Status

as of July 23, 2023

Progress is being made on scaling up production.  Anodizing continues to be problematic but hopefully a new anodizing partner will help with lead times and cull rates.   While some product availablity contiue to come in and out of stock, your patience is appreciated!  Below notes will hopefully answer some questions and ease tension for those who are waiting.



Universal Arca and Picatinny Vise Jaws

Sorry!  We ran out again.  Another batch is being anodized and expected back in stock early August.

Reserve yours, backorders ship first!


Arca Rails

In Production - Back in stock Mid-Late Aug

Seekins M-Lok
Ruger RPRF
Grayboe Pheonix, Ridgeback, Phoenix Gen2
Stock Plates

Now Offerings coming Mid-Late Aug

Manners LRH
Bergara HMR
Q Fix, Mini Fix


Modular Bag Riders

Full Boats on the last batch went quick, but don't worry, another batch is cut and in prep for anodizing - Back in stock Mid-Late Aug. 

Reserve yours, backorders ship first!
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